Angst Prompts

– Here are some good old angsty dialogue prompts for my fellow writers who love to put their characters through horrible conversations. Enjoy!

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  1. “Did you always know that you were going to leave?”
  2. “Please say something. Anything at all. Just talk to me.”
  3. “If you cry, I’ll stay, and if I stay that will just give you another reason to hate me.”
  4. “I never thought that this would end up making you afraid of me.”
  5. “I’m addicted and at this point I don’t think anything could make me stop.”
  6. “If you wanna know, then ask.”
  7. “You never asked.”
  8. “You know, goodbyes suck but sticking around would be so much worse.”
  9. “You never asked because you knew I wouldn’t tell you what you wanted to hear.”
  10. “We grew apart, and at this point I’m glad.”
  11. “I stopped hanging on the moment you did what you did.”
  12. “Find somebody else to kiss your ass.”
  13. “When are you going to stop clawing for something that’s never going to happen?”
  14. “You changed so drastically in such a short amount of time, and I couldn’t keep changing with you.”
  15. “It was easier to believe that the you I knew was dead than deal with the fact that I still have to see you every day.”
  16. “You are selfish and proud of it, and I can’t feed that anymore.”
  17. “Everytime you do that, it proves that I’m not what you’re looking for.”
  18. “I can’t hold you up anymore, because now I’m sinking too.”
  19. “Everything could have been better, if you had just stopped being this way.”
  20. “What you’re doing is going to kill you one day.”

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