Tips On Planning Out A Series

– This is a list of tips I’ve gathered throughout the outlining process of my work in progress. If you are an author, feel free to leave your own tips in the replies! Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Figure Out What Type Of Series You’re Writing There are many forms a series can follow, but in the base […]

Tips On Descriptions

– Here are some tips on the daunting task of description and descriptive writing. I’ve compiled my most straight-forward and useful advice on the subject to aid you in your writing. Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Be Honest In Your Prose Don’t go back and edit each sentence with a thesaurus in hand. Put clarity before prestige […]

20 Mistakes To Avoid In Science Fiction

– This is a continuation of a series that began with 20 Mistakes To Avoid In Young Adult Fiction/Romance. I included a couple exterior sources throughout the article that covers certain points in more detail for those who would like further advice. I hope this is helpful. Happy writing! –Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Referencing Current Culture Inappropriately […]

Finding Time To Write

– This is a shorter article about finding time to write and using it wisely. I’ve addressed this struggle multiple times in multiple ways, but this specific topic has not yet received its own individual article. I hope this is helpful. Happy writing! Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Acknowledge That There Is Time A lot of what prevents writers […]

Guide To Writing Will-They-Won’t-They

– This subject has been highly requested and I get a lot of questions around it. Most romance writers have experience toying with this dynamic in character relationships, so I figured I’d create a guide for those who love the delicious tension of a will-they-won’t-they relationship, because they’re difficult to do correctly, and when they’re not done […]

Resources For Writing Young Adult Fiction

– This one is a little shorter than my other resource master posts, but that’s because of the nature of the genre being more about the demographic. I hope you all find this helpful. Happy writing! Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Getting The Details Right Writing YA That Connects With Teen Readers Showing A Character’s Age Switching […]

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