Romantic Prompts

– Here are 20 prompts for my romance writers out there! I hope this inspires you all. Happy writing!

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  1. Your character falls in love with their doppelgänger.
  2. A couple who has a list of cliché romantic things that never seem romantic when they try them.
  3. A character realizes they’re in love during a really awkward moment.
  4. One character is taking care of the other while they’re sick or recovering from a surgery, and the sick character confesses their feelings and romantic thoughts in a loopy daze.
  5. Two people meet on a bus and mistake each other for their high school crushes, though they’ve never actually seen each other.
  6. A couple that has been together a short time, and reaches a tiny domestic milestone, like washing dishes together for the first time, and finding a lot of intimacy in it.
  7. A couple that is planning their first trip together.
  8. Two people meet in a really romantic situation, but one actually ends up introducing the other to someone else that they really hit it off with.
  9. Two people in the same book club take turns recommending books, and as they grow feelings for one another, they start recommending romances as a way to drop hints to the other.
  10. Two people who are married for a pragmatic reason, rather than emotional, that end up falling for each other years after their actual wedding.
  11. One character casts a love spell on the other, and believes that it worked, but that’s because the character loved them all along and finally worked up the courage to act on it. Write character A’s confession.
  12. A librarian and a local author fall in love through the author’s frequent visits to the library.
  13. Two actors fall in love while on set, and get married shortly after shooting is done, only to realize they had actually fallen in love with the characters they were portraying.
  14. A person who falls in love with someone through reading hundreds of letters they sent over 70 years ago.
  15. Two students from opposite sides of the world fall in love when they meet during an exchange year at the same school in America.
  16. Two people meet when one picks the other up hitchhiking and hit it off when they go to get lunch at a shabby little diner.
  17. A car salesperson and a customer are negotiating the price of a car and once they finally reach an agreement, hours have passed. The customer asks the salesperson out to dinner.
  18. 200 years in the future, a group of astronauts is sent to Mars to inspect whether it is safe for human colonization. However, a forgotten team has already colonized the livable area and refuses to surrender to invading troops. The chief astronaut falls in love with the colony’s leader.
  19. Two couples meet on a cruise, and some how end up going home with different people.
  20. Two people meet when one puts out a personal ad for a housekeeper, and the other accidentally calls their number when they meant to call the one for the opening at a Dutch Bros. They meet for the second person’s interview and hit it off.

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