Finding Time To Write

– This is a shorter article about finding time to write and using it wisely. I’ve addressed this struggle multiple times in multiple ways, but this specific topic has not yet received its own individual article. I hope this is helpful. Happy writing!

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Acknowledge That There Is Time

A lot of what prevents writers from writing regularly is the fact that it’s easier to say “I have no time for this” than to find the time in the cracks of the day you’d rather spend doing nothing. Practicing your passion consistently takes sacrifice and self discipline, no matter how much you love it. You may have to write during the time you usually spend watching Netflix, or outline on the bus, or edit your manuscript between classes. There is time, you just have to find it and make yourself utilize it. 

Stick With A Writing Routine

If you rely on finding random times to write everyday, your momentum will slow very quickly. I recommend picking a time that you’re usually free, and committing it to writing, or at least working on your story in general. If you’re more of a pantser than a planner, sticking to this might be difficult because some days will take longer due to you figuring out how the story is going to move forward. If you’re a planner, I recommend having an outline and then spending 15 minutes each day thinking through how you’re going to run with that before writing for however long you have thereafter. 

Don’t Waste Your Time Once You Have It

If you have burnout, (which I covered in this article that you should definitely read if you have ever or are experiencing creative burnout) you need to accept this and spend your writing time trying to pull yourself out of it. That time needs to be used to further your story, and if that means reading for an hour instead of writing, or outlining/daydreaming about your story instead of writing, then so be it. 

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