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It’s very common for writers to get to a certain point of comfort with their story and then have the flow of inspiration slow down. At some point, your writing will no longer come easy because there always comes a point where your brain just won’t generate the next scene on its own. 

This is the moment where you have to try and broaden your horizons in order to find something that brings an idea or two to your brain. I recommend trying the most obvious things first, such as:

  • simple writing prompts (I post theme daily under this tag)
  • writing challenges (that have nothing to do with your WIP)
  • people-watching for inspiration
  • reading/watching other content
  • consulting your shoebox of old ideas that never came to fruition

If none of those things really do the trick, then there are other things you should think about:

  • maybe you just need a break
  • maybe you need to go back a few chapters and change something that just isn’t going to work
  • maybe the story isn’t clicking because there isn’t any real passion behind the meaning (what are you trying to say that you can’t get out the way you’re doing things)

These things are all totally okay, and they’re all possible to overcome. If you’re having any of the last three issues, there’s many ways to solve them, as long as you’re open to changing up your story and the direction you’re pushing it in.

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