Weekly Writing Challenge #1

March 2nd – March 15th, 2019|| #wordsnstuffwwc1

How It Works – You have from the date this challenge is posted until the date specified above (one week from today) to complete a response to the following prompt and post it with the hashtag #wordsnstuffwwc1 in order to be considered a participant in the challenge. Those who submit a response by Sunday, March 16th, 2019 will receive a shout out in the wrap up the following day. If you do not use the hashtag, you will not be considered. Tagging @wordsnstuff does not count as a submission. 

Prompt: Take one of your favorite characters from a fictional story and identify the main trait that makes them so enjoyable for you. Flip that trait on its head, then write a scene that shows how integral that trait is to the character’s portrayal. Accompany that with a short reflection of your experience doing this for your submission.

Example: Your favorite character is Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. Turn his bravery into recklessness and explore how that changes the way you would write that character. Write a short blurb about how doing this changed your perspective on his development in the original writing, and maybe how you could apply this to your original characters to understand them better.

To all participants, good luck and happy writing. These challenges are posted weekly from this point forward, so if you miss out or don’t submit this time, you can do so next week.

x Kate (wordsnstuff)

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