Wordsnstuff was created a long time ago to act as a resource for writers that has solid advice for writers of any age, and that is interactive just as much as it is professional. A big part of any form of art is collaboration and feedback, and I wanted to provide both a second opinion and resources for the individual who is looking to improve through personal research. I am constantly looking for ways to expand and improve wordsnstuff so that it is as useful as possible to any writer who needs it.

About Kate (The Blogger)

Hello, I’m Kate, and I am the executive (only) writer here on wordsnstuff. I write, edit, and share the articles, as well as read and answer every question I receive, all by my lonesome. I’ve been in love with writing since I was in third grade, and I started wordsnstuff following a pretty rough time in my life, as a way to find fulfillment through connecting with and helping other writers. I was very young at the time, and to be fair, I still am, but I’ve learned a lot and my advice seems to be helping a lot of people.

I am an IB Diploma Program Candidate, a musician, the author of a science fiction series (currently in progress), and a future filmmaker. I live in what I call a mini-city, and though it’s beautiful and very charming here, my biggest goal is to go out and travel the world and just… make things. All of the things I possibly can.

How Is Wordsnstuff Run?

Wordsnstuff is independently run by a single student (me). It used to be hosted solely on Tumblr, but it has since expanded to its own website to go along with the original blog.

(this is the part where I ask for help)

Wordsnstuff is not exactly.. costless. It’s very time consuming, and there’s no steady income from it. I have another job, but that is all dedicated to saving for college. If you enjoy wordsnstuff and you would like to help keep it running, it completely relies on the generosity of readers. I would greatly appreciate any contribution, through either Ko-Fi (one time donation of $3+), Patreon (pledge of $1+ per month in exchange for exclusive benefits), or through PayPal.

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