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This is a place for readers to ask shorter questions that do not pertain to writing or are specific to their own stories. If you’re looking to submit a general writing question for its own post, visit the QnA page, which has a separate form. 

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Answered Questions

  • Someone asked:
    Just stumbled across your Daily Prompts on Then found past months promps list. Is the list only posted after the month of daily prompts is over?
    • kateannjoy replied:
      The monthly writing challenges are original prompts centered around a theme, while the daily prompts are simple random prompts that people can scroll through for inspiration.
  • Someone asked:
    This isn't a question, I just wanna say how happy I am that you have a website now! I'm so excited to look through it and I always love your writing. You're so awesome Kate!
    • kateannjoy replied:
      Thank you! I'm really glad that you're excited about the site and I really hope I can turn it into an efficient and useful resource for you to use. Thank you so much for your support and positive feedback.

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