Romantic Prompts

– Here are 20 prompts for my romance writers out there! I hope this inspires you all. Happy writing! Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Your character falls in love with their doppelgänger. A couple who has a list of cliché romantic things that never seem romantic when they try them. A character realizes they’re in love during […]

31 Days of Plot Building – Wordsnstuff January 2019 Writing Challenge

– This is the third installment of my three part series, dedicated to writing longer stories. I look forward to seeing all of your guys’ responses on Tumblr using the hashtag #wordsnstuffplotbuilding and over on Instagram, where you can tag me @/writingandsuch. This challenge begins on January 1st, so 24 hours from when I am posting this. You’re free […]

Angst Prompts

– Here are some good old angsty dialogue prompts for my fellow writers who love to put their characters through horrible conversations. Enjoy! Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram “Did you always know that you were going to leave?” “Please say something. Anything at all. Just talk to me.” “If you cry, I’ll stay, and if […]

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