Resources For Writing Young Adult Fiction

– This one is a little shorter than my other resource master posts, but that’s because of the nature of the genre being more about the demographic. I hope you all find this helpful. Happy writing! Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Getting The Details Right Writing YA That Connects With Teen Readers Showing A Character’s Age Switching […]

Resources For Writing Dystopian/Apocalypse Stories

Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Dystopian Resources Characteristics Of A Dystopia 7 Tips To Writing Dystopian Fiction 380 Best Dystopian Novels Of All Time How To Build A Dystopian World Dystopian Cliches To Avoid Ultimate Guide To Writing Dystopian Literature Realistic Political Strife Political Corruption Dystopian or Not Dystopian?  The 10 Most Important Dystopian Books and Films […]

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