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Finding Time To Write

– This is a shorter article about finding time to write and using it wisely. I’ve addressed this struggle multiple times in multiple ways, but this specific topic has not yet received its own individual article. I hope this is helpful. Happy writing! Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Acknowledge That There Is Time A lot of what prevents writers […]

Guide To Writing Will-They-Won’t-They

– This subject has been highly requested and I get a lot of questions around it. Most romance writers have experience toying with this dynamic in character relationships, so I figured I’d create a guide for those who love the delicious tension of a will-they-won’t-they relationship, because they’re difficult to do correctly, and when they’re not done […]

Resources For Writing Young Adult Fiction

– This one is a little shorter than my other resource master posts, but that’s because of the nature of the genre being more about the demographic. I hope you all find this helpful. Happy writing! Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Getting The Details Right Writing YA That Connects With Teen Readers Showing A Character’s Age Switching […]

Romantic Prompts

– Here are 20 prompts for my romance writers out there! I hope this inspires you all. Happy writing! Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Your character falls in love with their doppelgänger. A couple who has a list of cliché romantic things that never seem romantic when they try them. A character realizes they’re in love during […]

Tips On Introducing Characters

– A lot of questions I receive revolve around the introduction of story elements, such as backstory and politics, so I decided to cover character introductions because it’s a good way to ease into all of these other topics. I hope you all find this helpful. Happy writing! Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Find A Suitable Way […]

Guide To Writing Faded Love

– This is a thorough guide to writing love that has faded, either quickly or over time, and hopefully you romance writers will find it useful. There’s some general tips outlined, some common questions answered, and some resources linked at the bottom. Happy writing! Patreon //Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram The Slow Reveal It’s important to slowly reveal […]

31 Days of Plot Building – Wordsnstuff January 2019 Writing Challenge

– This is the third installment of my three part series, dedicated to writing longer stories. I look forward to seeing all of your guys’ responses on Tumblr using the hashtag #wordsnstuffplotbuilding and over on Instagram, where you can tag me @/writingandsuch. This challenge begins on January 1st, so 24 hours from when I am posting this. You’re free […]

Resources For Writing Dystopian/Apocalypse Stories

Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlists || Work In Progress || Studyblr || Studygram Dystopian Resources Characteristics Of A Dystopia 7 Tips To Writing Dystopian Fiction 380 Best Dystopian Novels Of All Time How To Build A Dystopian World Dystopian Cliches To Avoid Ultimate Guide To Writing Dystopian Literature Realistic Political Strife Political Corruption Dystopian or Not Dystopian?  The 10 Most Important Dystopian Books and Films […]

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